Friday, 20 December 2013

Naturhistorisches Museum

Sketches drawn in the museum of natural history in Mainz, which is located in former convent St. Klara. The collection of stuffed and mounted animals is quite diverse, with a lot of very old exhibits of nowadays extinct animals. There´s a lot to draw, so it took me a while till the feeling of being in a cemetery sunk in. All those animals, looking at you from their glass eyes, frozen in a position some taxidermist thought was lifelike, in the dimly lit halls of that former cloister ..it was a bit eerie.

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Im Buchstabenmuseum

The Museum of Letters is a Berlin institution dedicated to collecting and preserving letters. Some of them are vintage advert letterings, other letters belonged to old train stations that were renamed after the Berlin wall fell and thus became obsolete.
They were in the middle of renovating when i was visiting, so signs were being carried around and rows of letters were stacked against the walls. I really liked how the letters looked in piles and stacks, like a threedimensional collage- very nice for drawing.