Thursday, 29 August 2013


Channeling the Symposium experience in a Laloran sketchbook that I got in Sagars Workshop, and using Shari Blaukopfs reduced palette of Alizarine, Aureoline and Ultramarine. This is the Masurian lake district in eastern Poland, where I spent part of my holiday. I drenched myself in Autan and sat by the water, the mosquitos and hornets left me alone and i was able to sketch peacefully.

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

USk BCN 2 + 3

At the Barcelona Pavilion, practicing perspective drawing and making the Barcelona Chair look more saggy than it actually was.

Shari Blauklopf´s workshop in the beautiful convento Santa Anna.

Dining on beer and falafel in L´hortet.

After tiring of Mies´ modernism i drew the partcipants of the perspective workshop.

Overwhelmed by the crowds at Arc de Triomf, i tried to capture that atmosphere of busy sketching.

On the last evening I kept drawing until midnight, having a last Clara in el Raval with Birgit.

My first symposium, an intense, challenging, amazing, crazy experience. Hopefully next year i´ll be able to participate as well, wherever that might be!

Sunday, 11 August 2013


Some glimpses of the day before the symposium started. Leaving Frankfurt Airport, sketching some planes and a girl who kept wiggling her toes.

Meeting some sketchers at Arc de Triomf and getting started on drawing. Later we moved on to El Raval and and i drew this view of Carrer Elisabets/Carrrer del Àngels- This must have been one of the most drawn motifs for the Urban Sketchers, being both picturesque and close to CCCB..Flaf and Miriam were just around the corner, painting it too.

First round of Drink and Draw; Enno, Miriam and Ira at the next table.

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Étang de Hanau

Just across the border is the french region of Lorraine where the mix of german and french identity is most apparent in the names of places, like Lake Hanau.
A pretty lake in the middle of the forest, and a view of crumbling Burg Waldeck. This time the overcrowded campground on the other side of the lake didn´t make it into my sketch.