Wednesday, 28 August 2013

USk BCN 2 + 3

At the Barcelona Pavilion, practicing perspective drawing and making the Barcelona Chair look more saggy than it actually was.

Shari Blauklopf´s workshop in the beautiful convento Santa Anna.

Dining on beer and falafel in L´hortet.

After tiring of Mies´ modernism i drew the partcipants of the perspective workshop.

Overwhelmed by the crowds at Arc de Triomf, i tried to capture that atmosphere of busy sketching.

On the last evening I kept drawing until midnight, having a last Clara in el Raval with Birgit.

My first symposium, an intense, challenging, amazing, crazy experience. Hopefully next year i´ll be able to participate as well, wherever that might be!

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  1. Amazing drawings! You managed to capture the sketchcrawl experience very well!