Thursday, 7 January 2016


A day trip to Heidelberg to meet some local sketchers. We explored the Karzer, a prison for misbehaving university students, which existed till the beginning of the 19th century. During its last days, students actually wanted to be imprisoned there- mostly to paint their names, portraits and stories on the walls. Favorite quote: 
Weil wir als ehrliche Leute 5 auf der Strasse gefundene Bausteine auf der Polyzei ablieferten, indem wir sie mit der Bezeichnung Fundobjekt in die Wachstube warfen, sitzen wir hier als Märtyrer unserer Ehrlichkeit!
As honest people who´d found 5 bricks on the street, what else could we do but deliver them as found property to the police by throwing them in the guard room?  So we sit here as martyrs of our honesty!

We continued the day with  frozen fingers on the old bridge, then thawing them in the old university lecture hall. Finished it all off with some mulled wine on the christmas market.