Saturday, 26 February 2011


drawings of istanbul in january, spent a week there with my roommate from barcelona and two more friends. we stayed in sultahmet, an old neigboorhood. our hostel roof offered great views of the sea of marmara:

ferry trip to the princes islands, drawn as we left büyükada. relaxing after an entire day spent walking, drinking sweet, black tea.

visiting topkapi palace, home to the ottoman sultans.

drinking more tea next to the sülemaniye mosque, in an outdoor café with lots of turkish flags.


and testing my moleskine in the turkish bath, though it got a little wet and the bic´s ink got more fluid in the 50 ° C warm air. noone paid me any attentione so i suppose i didn´t offend anyoone - at least noone turkish, there were only tourists in the bath. very relaxing atmosphere, i can only recommend hamam drawing...


  1. Nice sketches Jenny.
    Also seems like a good trip!

  2. Great sketches.
    You were quite brave, sketching in a hammam.