Wednesday, 18 September 2013


Some days spent in Warsaw, drawing socialist monuments, restaurant interiors and people.

Apparently, a true Warsaw experience includes the visit to a milkbar,  an eastern european version of a self service restaurant. You pay for your meal at one counter and pick it up at a second one, but only after the cashier has screamed "Frytki! Nalesniki!" or whatever else you ordered. Everything´s greasy, good and cheap.

The Pałac Kultury i Nauki, the Palace of Culture and Science, still Polands tallest building, a a strange soviet landmark.

Dining on chinese food on Hoza Street. Zuzanna is a waitress who works in the restaurant and when she noticed i was drawing she asked me to draw in the restaurants guestbook. While drawing some more, we kept on talking.The other guests left, the kitchen closed, and i made a drawing of Zuzanna looking like a vampire. After many cups of green tea, we left and thought that this was the best way for the holiday to end. dziękuję Dżonka!


  1. I love your use of watercolour, specially in the 5th sketch (the one with Hang Zhou). Did you use watercolour first and then pen on top or did you draw first and then use watercolour?

  2. I started with yellow, brown and blue watercolour washes, then added the bic on top and finished it off with watercolour details.